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Frequently asked questions

Immunity Boost Powder

What is the taste of this immunity powder?

This immunity powder has a mixed berry. It can be mixed in water, juice, milk or any liquid hot or cold.

How many servings are there in one container?

Each container of immunity powder has 184 grams in it. One container offers 30 servings with around 6 grams in one scoop.

How many calories does each serving have?

This immunity powder is low on calories and you will consume 10 calories in one scoop. Mixing this with water is a great way to consume less amount of calories if you are watching out on your diet.

What is the color of this powder?

The powder comes in beet root color and there are no artificially added colors.

What is the form of Vitamin C present in the immunity powder?

The vitamin C is present in ascorbic acid form. The ascorbic acid is one of the stable and efficient derivative of Vitamin C and it offers the best benefits for the consumers. 1,500 mg of ascorbic acid is present in each scoop of the powder. Vitamin C is one of the most important immunity boosters and you will get enough supply of Vitamin C in one scoop. The product also contains Citric acid in it.

Are there any other Vitamins present in this powder?

Yes, Vitamin D in this powder which is another great immunity booster. Vitamin D is present in the form of Cholecalciferol. It is an efficient form of Vitamin D and you will get 10mcg of it in each scoop of the powder.

Is the powder gluten free?

Yes, the powder is completely gluten free. It has only a certain set of immunity boosting ingredients along with natural flavors and gluten isn’t present in it at all. People who are allergic to gluten don’t have to worry about consuming this powder.

Immunity Boost Capsule

What does this Dietary Supplement do?

It helps in boosting the immunity.

How many capsules are present in the bottle?

There are a total of 60 capsules present in this bottle. The serving size for one person is 2 capsules.

Does this supplement has Vitamin C present in it?

Yes, Vitamin C is one of the most important immunity boosters out there and it is present in this supplement in the form of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a stable and efficient Vitamin C supplement which will help in increasing the immunity levels in your body.

What is the need of Magnesium that is present in this supplement?

The magnesium is a must need supplement in human beings and it helps us in various ways. The supplement has 10mcg 50% of magnesium per serving which will provide body with the enough levels per day. It will help in keeping the immune system intact.

What is the percent of zinc present in this container and why we need it?

Zinc helps in making DNA cells, boosting immunity and comes in handy in various ways for a human body. This container has 15mg 136% of zinc for each serving size and in total it has 30 servings.

Are dietary supplements risky?

No, they are not if you consume them in the prescribed dosage only. This is the safest way to get all the required supplements to your body.

Are these Capsules Vegetarian?

Yes, these capsules are plant based and completely vegetarian. All the ingredients present in this capsule are derived from trees, plants, fruits only.


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What is your return policy?

While Moyas Wellness doesn't accept returns, we do offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.